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A_LAB is The new frontier of audiovisual communication

Equilibrium. A term in disuse that A_LAB Srl has decided to dust off and re-propose in its working philosophy. Balance between the needs of its customers and the demands of the market, in constant evolution. Balance between the various skills that make up the staff always professional and updated on new communication trends. The new company headquarters is a former bakery. One of those places that oozes history and sacrifice, which tells the tradition handed down from generation to generation. So, in an almost mystical design, A_LAB srl has found itself transmitting the thirty-year experience of the members to young collaborators, who, on the other hand, give a dynamic context, in step with the times and dedicated to the new frontiers of business communication . The different skills, combined with the strong and passionate character for their work, allow A_LAB to boast a team always ready to meet new challenges.

A_LAB Srl has a structure capable of responding to different needs. The venue has multiple audio and video editing stations, in addition to a mix room, a station dedicated to color correction, vocal box, foley room. The equipment owned allows us to manage even the last minute requests from our customers. The customer target is diversified according to the different work areas. A_LAB works with other production companies, Italian and international, for the realization of film projects in coproduction; works with communication agencies outside companies that manage the communication budgets of large brands as well as working directly with the Marketing and Communications offices within companies. Research centers on technological innovation and experimentation, on the other hand, are the perfect partners to propose new and competitive projects to the market *.

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Our services cover 360 ° the needs of our customers from the creation of video, business communication, Documentaries, cinema, with their own material, to the audio of post production and the export of sound design.A_lab offers its customers a complete professional equipment for direct cinema sound, a studio equipped for each phase of post-production and all the necessary software to guarantee excellent results.

  • Evolving Communications
    Using languages ​​and techniques typical of cinematographic and television communication, allow the creation of audiovisual content with a high AIDA. The production exploits specific instruments and highly professional equipment, where the narrated plots hit the end user with a powerful message. Orienting oneself in the evolution of visual and communicative languages, asks for a considerable effort and constant training, which A_LAB has decided to face in order to guarantee its customers the added value necessary to face a constantly evolving communication market, without ever losing its systemic vision. These actions have therefore enabled the companies that work in communication to "business sector" to be the owner; because communication work is an activity that requires a well-defined structure and constant updating, like any other industrial activity.

  • Film Post production

    TThe post-production phase is important because the video output of the final product necessarily depends on it. Through video post-production it is possible to intervene sensitively on the shots made, to create an ad hoc editing, to correct the quality of the image, to add titles and visual effects. During the final phase of the work there is the possibility to implement the voice of a speaker (also in different languages) together with a music chosen specifically and the soundtrack. The customer can intervene in all stages of video post-production, giving his contribution so that the processing reaches the desired result. The post-production video business phase must be carried out by professionals who are able to interpret your needs and know how to make your movie the best. Contact us without obligation to get a free quote regarding our editing services and post production of corporate videos.

    Sound editing and spatializations Object-oriented audio is the revolution Dolby Atmos introduces the new concept of object-oriented audio: the multi-channel audio of Dolby Digital and DTS is made of synchronized audio tracks, the Dolby Atmos multi-channel sound is something more, because it adds a series of audio objects that in post-production phase can be positioned and placed with millimeter precision around the listening point. Atmos places individual objects in the room, not audio tracks A buzzing fly, a helicopter, a missile, a glass that breaks: all these elements, which were previously approximated within the 7.1 stream, are now rebuilt and positioned in the environment by the Atmos Engine ensuring maximum possible realism. In addition to positioning Atmos also takes care of moving these audio objects, which are obviously not static: a series of metadata inserted in the audio stream allows you to establish, synchronized course with the basic audio track, where and how this object must move and above all how its intensity must vary with time. Its potential is obviously not unlimited: in addition to the basic track that can reach 9.1 channels Atmos can handle up to 118 objects, for a total of 128 audio elements. A number that should not scare, because the system itself is able to make the most of the speakers available to better return these 128 elements: a basic configuration of Dolby Atmos for the home provides in fact only 7 speakers plus a subwoofer, and these a few speakers will be enough to reproduce all the elements. Increasing the number of speakers obviously increases the yield, but also increases the expense. .


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